It is not uncommon for boxing to be misunderstood and clichéd in many ways. In fact, compared to all other sports (especially ball sports), boxing has one of the lowest risks of injury!
Due to the training methods, fairness and a respectful treatment of each other is emphasized from the beginning.

Are you ready? We are pleased about your interest with us together possibly maintain or even improve your fitness, condition, mobility, strength or technique.
You want to get away from it all and would also like to reduce stress?
You don't like to train alone and need motivation?
You need competent support?
You would like a professional training?
You are not from Ibiza and you do not want to miss sports?

Start with us a professional boxing training without risk of injury.
Step 1: Fitness, strength and coordination
Step 2: Mobility, condition and technique
Step 3: Boxing training (with punching bag and claws) Sparring by arrangement

Depending on the level of training or agreement, we also develop other training units.

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● Email: Info@Bodyguard-Security.eu
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● Germany: Hamburg
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